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DSD playback was not part of the original design of exaU2I. One of our users - flemming3520 came up with the idea that with a simple rewiring and a software trick the board can be used as an asynchronous DSD USB interface. The original announcement of a proof of concept DSD playback can be found here. Flemming made his source code available and based on his idea exaDevices produces a more usable DSD player - the loTech Player.

The loTech Player provides basic user interface for creating a playlist of DSD tracks in uncompressed DSDDFF format. We tested playback of Stereo DSD64 and DSD128 files. Theoretically loTech DSD Player should work with four-channel DSD files and should support DSD256 and DSD512. Please let us know if you can find or produce such files.

Sample DFF files can be downloaded from the 2L Test Bench Page.

PCM Files can be converted to DSD using KORG AudioGate 2.0.1 available for free from the KORG Learning Center. The only catch is that AudioGate requires an active Tweeter account.

loTech Player is work in progress. Please report back to us any bugs and issues.


loTech Player can be downloaded by exaU2I owners from our support website: Please note that login is required to have access to the download link.  You also need to download and install exaU2I Dashboard Version or higher.

Installation and Configuration

Caution: Don't start DSD playback unless:

  •  You have rewired the  exaU2i connection to  the ES9018 DAC kit  (see below)
  •  You have reduced the volume of your system  below - 25 dB.

If there is an error with your system setup the DSD stream will be reproduced as full blast white noise.  

1.   Use the following schematics to connect exaU2I to your ES9018 DAC kit  

exaU2I to ES9018 DAC Kit - 2 Channel DSD Connection

exaU2I to ES9018 DAC Kit - 4 Channel DSD Connection

2. Download and install loTech Player.
3. Download and install the latest release of  exaU2I Dashboard - or higher.
4. Restart Windows.
5. From the Windows Start Menu select exaSound -> exaSound loTech Player
6. Click on the Preferences Icon and from the dropdown box select exaU2I ASIO DB


7. Select Configure. Make sure that the exaU2I is configured for 4 or 8 channels.


8.  Select OK twice to return to the loTech player main window.
9.  Select the Add to List button on the toolbar or simply drag and drop DFF files to the loTech player window.

10.  Lower the volume of your DAC below -25 dB. Failing to do so may damage your speakers and can be harmful to the people in the room.

11.  Click the Play button.

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